Athletes amaze me. They are able to push their bodies to do things that we mere mortals are incapable of understanding, much less repeating. And some athletes are better at this than others. Watching people do parkour on videos is one of my guilty pleasures. They seem to defy gravity as they fly through the air and tumble with ease into places that no one should be able to get to. Or those people who climb the sides of mountains as if their fingers are made of suction cups? How are they able to do it? This girl, though. This one takes all of that to a whole new level. Not only does she seem to defy gravity, but she actually defies all laws of physics by bending and twisting in ways that seem impossible. Take a look!

I’d understand if someone told me this was CGI. I’d be like, *Clap, clap, clap* That was Good. But it isn’t, which takes it from good to unbelievable. I’m not sure how she figured out she can do these things, but I think if I was born without bones, I’d probably be trying things like this, too.

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