It’s still a little ways away, but April Fool’s Day is my favorite day of the year. Yeah, yeah, Thanksgiving you get food, and Christmas you get presents, but April Fool’s Day you get the gift of laughs. Oh so many laughs. And the ooh’s and the ahh’s and the knowledge of knowing you have given someone a moment of harmless unpredictability that they otherwise would not have experienced. It’s the perfect day. And this trick? This is the perfect April Fool’s Day trick. Why? Because you can use it on people, then teach it to them, then enjoy sitting back and watching them do it to other people. It’s literally the gift that keeps on giving. Take a look!

I’ve seen this one done before, but I honestly had no idea HOW it was done. Seeing the inner workings makes me itchy to try it. Like, I know I should wait, but c’mon…how many times do we buy someone something for Christmas and then spill the beans before the big day? Yeah, this is totally gonna be that for me.

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