Boy Helps With Gender Reveal, Is Immediately Concerned About The Results

We want our kids to be excited when there’s going to be a new addition to the family, but there’s really no way to predict how they’re going to react fully. Branson is a little boy who knows his parents are having a baby, and he seems ready for that, but when dad gets him to help with the gender reveal, things go a little sideways. Take a look!

I wish more than anything I knew what happened after that little “Oh no!” Like, was he shocked because stuff spilled everywhere and he’s afraid mama’s gonna be upset? Was it the pink and knowing now that he’s gonna have a little sister? Was it the big pop? I have no idea! But at the same time, ending the video right there is kinda perfect! We’ll never know what it was the Branson was ‘Oh No’ing, but that’s kinda what makes it great…

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