This Guinea Pig Having An Existential Crisis Is WAY Funner Than It Has Any Right To Be

This spaced out guinea pig is making me laugh way harder than it should. I don’t know why he’s spaced out like that, but it’s like he’s thinking of his own mortality, or of something super duper deep and he just can’t get past it. His friend? Oblivious. He’s just sitting there eating his broccoli like there’s nothing in the world happening. But the big guy? He’s going through something…we just don’t know what. Take a look!

I think it’s making me laugh because of all the times I find myself completely spaced out for no reason whatsoever. I try to think of what might have made me zone out, but there’s no reason. Or sometimes it’s so big and deep that I just can’t share it or express it to anyone. This guy, though. Who know’s what’s going on in the mind of a guinea pig who is obviously in the middle of an existential crisis. Or maybe he’s just got gas. I’m sure it’s one of the two…

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