Every woman knows that a guy cleaning the house is just inherently sexy. Something about a man scrubbing and buffing just gets us gals going like nothing else. Apparently Mr. Clean has figured that out, too, and hams it up in their new Superbowl ad. We all know Mr. Clean: bald head, earring, all white clothes…but who knew he had moves like this? Take a look! My favorite part of this ad isn’t that Mr. Clean had a sexy upgrade, but the end. The fact that she’s basically watching her hubster do that cleaning and imagining all the not-so-clean thoughts of her sexy hubby as he’s cleaning. It’s oddly sweet. And hilarious. And definitely a Superbowl win.

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  Ps- Do you want YOUR house to be this clean? lol!!  We LOVE this declutter course!  It’s perfect for busy families!

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