Man Convinces His Friend That Amazon’s Alexa Is Talking To Him…

One of the best things about being an early adopter of new technology is that your friends don’t know everything it can do yet. Why is this awesome? It means you can prank your friends. Oh, yeah. So when Amazon Echo first came out, not everyone knew that you could use a remote to basically make Alexa say anything in another room. It seemed weird at first that she could do this, but think of how convenient it would be to be working in the kitchen and tell your kids in the living room to stop fighting, without having to shout. Yeah, Alexa knows all. So this guy didn’t know Alexa could do that. He thinks she’s cool, but when his friend goes into a different room and has Alexa start talking to him specifically, and calling him by name…it’s just amazing. Take a look!

I think most people know Alexa can do this at this point, but I still wish I could find someone to do this to. It’s. Amazing. It’s like Skynet come to life and being able to pull that type of prank on a friend is just the best thing ever.

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