Stranger On Flight Helps Dad Calm Fussy Baby

When eight-month-old Kai took his first round-trip flight, his parents never expected one of them would have to take care of him alone. But that’s exactly what happened. When the family’s flight from Chicago got canceled due to snow, the Fort Worth father, Evan, and mother, Carrie, ended up book on separate flights back. They made a decision that whoever got to go first would take Kai. It was Evan. While the flight to Chicago had been without incident, on the way home Kai was a bit more, well, fussy. Maybe it was because of the weather, or the long time away from home, or maybe it was because mama wasn’t there. Regardless of the reason, Kai let everyone on the plane know exactly how unhappy he was about the whole thing. That is, until the saint/angel/truly generous and kind woman next to Evan said, “Here, let me take the baby so you can have a break.” Then the most amazing thing happened! Take a look!

Maybe it’s because Kai got to look out the window. Maybe it was that weariness finally caught up with him, but Kai fell asleep in her lap. India, the twenty-five-year-old woman, told the dad he should take a nap, too. Seeing Kai in her lap, dad knew he had to take a picture of the precious moment. There’s a good chance India just wanted to hold a sweet baby (we’ve all been there), but there’s also a good chance she’s truly an angel walking amongst us.

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