{Easy} Christmas Cakes Ideas

Christmas Cakes

Looking for Christmas cakes ideas this holiday season?  We have the perfect December activity for you and your kids that results in a healthy-ish holiday dessert. *gasp* Yes, we here at Kids Activities Blog do recognize the issue of overloading children with desserts over this season.  That is one of the reasons why we LOVE […]

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Fudge, Fudge, Fudge!! {Yummy}

fudge 650

Just the word fudge makes me hyperventilate: fudge, fudge, fudge! We love chocolate at Kids Activities Blog and fudge is the chocolate of all chocolates! Fudge Fudge Fudge My family loves sweets during the holidays.(Actually we love them all year around! ) There are certain sweets that we made only once a year during the […]

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{Character Traits} Teaching Generosity


    My mom taught my sisters and I to give to others even when she had very little to give. We took food to the sick, gave food to food banks and so much more. My husband and I want JDaniel to grow up giving to others too. One way we have shown him […]

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{Gobble, Gobble} A Thanksgiving Preschool Craft

Thanksgiving turkey craft feature

A Thanksgiving preschool craft is a great way to introduce your kids to this holiday and encourage them to be more grateful.   If you enjoy having your children play and explore painting, but don’t love  a lot of paint everywhere. Salad spinner painting may just be your kind of painting. We just painted the […]

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{Cute and Quiet} Thanksgiving Preschool Activity


In the past couple weeks, the Quirky Mommas have had a blast with their kids doing a bunch of Thanksgiving Activities with our kids.  We have encouraged them to Be Thankful, with the help of a gratitude jar.  We featured some fun foods to add some fun to your thanksgiving celebration dinner and there are […]

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Paper Boat: {Easy} Thanksgiving Craft

paper boat

Make a paper boat that looks just like the one the Pilgrims sailed in on their way to America.  What a cute Thanksgiving craft this is!  At Kids Activities Blog, we celebrate Thanksgiving (and easy craft projects like this). Paper Boat The Mayflower traveled across the Atlantic Ocean carrying with it pilgrims looking for a […]

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Fall Crafts for Kids: Leaf Craft

fall crafts for kids

Do the beautiful colors of autumn have you searching for creative fall crafts for kids?  If so, then this leaf craft may be just what you were looking for.  Kids Activities Blog has many fall crafts like this to keep you little one happy. Fall Crafts for Kids Fall is a time of raking leaves […]

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Fall Activities with a Paper Plate Craft

fall activities

Fall activities often include an apple craft or two.  This paper plate craft creates a super cute painted apple while also teaching young children about the parts of an apple.  Kids Activities Blog loves crafts like this that teach while having fun. Fall Activities Fall is apple season where we live. We have several apple […]

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Fall Colors Activity Book

fall colors activity book

Enjoy the fall colors with your little one while sneaking in a little learning about colors.  This great activity book project will make it fun for your child as they discover the colors all around them.  Kids Activities Blog loves to promote color activities that make learning exciting for kids. Fall Colors The fall colors […]

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{Fall Crafts for Kids} Found Object Art

fall crafts for kids

If you are looking for fall crafts for kids, you don’t need to look any further than your own yard.  Take a look at this creative idea for making Found Object Art.  We’d love for you to come back to Kids Activities Blog and let us know how your child used their found objects to […]

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Button Activities: Color Matching and More

button activities

Kids love to play with colorful buttons so here are some great ideas for button activities.  Color Matching, Sorting, and Patterns can all be practiced with button play.  We like to share ideas like this on Kids Activities Blog to help you think of creative ways to use regular household items for kids activities. Button […]

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Simple {and Fun} Strategies for Reading

strategies for reading

Incorporate some fun strategies for reading to make learning exciting for your child.  The reading process can be enhanced with several of the great ideas in this activity.  A love of books and starting to read activities are found throughout the pages of Kids Activities Blog. Strategies for Reading Books can be a wonderful place […]

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{Fall Inspired} Tree Craft for Kids

tree craft feature

Tree craft ideas are always something that I am searching for each autumn.  It just seems like as the leaves fall outside, we need to honor that with something craft.  These tree craft ideas use easy stencils.  So easy that even a young child can craft along! Tree Craft Ideas This is the season when […]

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Pumpkin Window Cling {Halloween Craft}

halloween craft

Pumpkin A pumpkin is the most popular decoration for fall and Halloween.  They are eye-catching and colorful so they look great displayed in a window.  With this Halloween craft, your child will feel so proud to see their own cute pumpkin hanging in the window for all to see. It is fun to add texture […]

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{Fall Craft} Red Barn

fall craft

This fall craft is easy to make and uses basic household items like paper plates, paint, and construction paper. Fall Craft The fall is filled with wonderful symbols. There are black cats, bats, pumpkins, leaves and bundles of hay to name a few. My family loves to visit a local apple and pumpkin farm that […]

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{Early Learning} Working with Numbers

early learning feature

Early Learning Young children learn well when they use hands-on projects.  This is a great activity that promotes early learning, specifically working with numbers, but it is also very easy to make and use. Two simple everyday objects can be combined to make an early learning tool. In this case I took an empty frosting […]

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Alphabet Activity Using Noodles for ABC Formation

noodle_pipecleaner_letters feature

An alphabet activity that is hands-on allowing young children to move and wiggle aids in early learning…and is a lot of fun.  Throwing away the pencil and using bendable household items for abc formation is a great alphabet activity for little ones! Alphabet Activity Noodle and pipe cleaner letters are so easy to put together […]

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Games 4 Kids: Memory Game

memory game

Can you tell what object was placed under the green cup? Look at the picture above and see what object is there, but is not in the picture below. Memory Game We had fun taking turns hiding objects from each other. My son decided I was too good at the game and needed to have […]

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Science for Kids: Make a Balance

make a balance scale feature

Figuring out how to balance objects is something that fascinates children. Whether it is trying to balancing the same type of objects on either side of a balance or trying to find two objects that have the same weight or a number of objects that will equal a heavier object. It is just plain fun. […]

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Learning Letters: Rope Letters

learning letters rope letters

What fun it is to practice shaping letters using some old rope from a clothes line. You can bend it and shape it in the all of the letters of the alphabet. Have Fun with Rope Letters After forming the letter, what would be more fun the slipping along the rope with a sideways walk […]

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Chalk Drawings – Creating a Face

chalk drawings creating a face

Your driveway can become the perfect canvas for creating a portrait.  All you need is some chalk and a few treasures from around your yard. Chalk Drawings A simple chalk drawn oval in the color of your child’s choice is all that is needed to start the portrait making process. After drawing an oval for […]

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Olympics for Kids- Edible Torch

  Teaching your kids about the symbols of the Olympics can be both fun and delicious. You could use spinach leaves to create a laurel crown ! You could dress up round crackers or bagels to look like the Olympic rings! You could take fruit, veggies, and cheese snacks to make an Olympic torch.   We recently […]

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Olympics for Kids: Laurel Wreath

olympics for kids laurel wreath

A kotinos or laurel wreath is given as a prize to a winner in the ancient Olympic Games and it was a horse shoe shape. It was placed on the winner’s head to celebrate their victory. A simple laurel wreath can be constructed and displayed on your champion’s head using three simple materials. Supplies for […]

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Olympics for Kids: Color Sorting

olympics for kids sorting

Olympics for Kids With the Olympics right around the corner it is the perfect time to use the symbols of the Olympics to create activities for children that review or introduce learning concepts such as color sorting. The Olympic symbol of interlocking rings of red, blue, green, black and yellow is a wonderful tool for […]

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Math for Kids: Making Shapes

golf tee shapes

On sunny summer afternoons our backyard deck seems to call us out to play and learn on it. On one such day the deck became one of the learning tools we used to work on shapes and measuring the sides of shapes. A couple golf tees placed in the spaces between the boards and a […]

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Math Game for Kids: Adding Archways

adding archways game

A few archways cut in to an old shoe box can be a fun way to practice adding. The numbers one, two and three have been written on the top of these archways for my four year old to work on counting. Small sticky notes could be placed for each archway with various numbers to […]

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Bubbles: 10 Things to Do While Having Fun

catching bubbles 650x400

There are so many things you can do while blowing bubbles. You can simply chase them and that is a lot of fun to do, but you can add in learning and that can be fun too. Here are some way you can tie learning to bubble blowing fun: You can sing a song with […]

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Painting for Kids: Tree Branch Brushes


After trimming the bushes in your yard, you may normally drag the branches off to the curb for pick up. Instead of dragging all of them off why not pull out a few with leaves and bare to paint with. Tree Branch Brushes Branches have a long handle for children to hold onto and strong […]

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Fathers Day Tie Windsock

fathers day tie windsock

Instead of buying dad a tie this year why not use some of the ties he already has and doesn’t wear to make a fun windsock. The windsock is so easy to make. You need about fourteen ties, two embroidery hoops and some fishing line. We found the ties we used in my husband’s closet. […]

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Travel Games for Kids: I Spy Learning Windows

i spy learning window

Whether you are going on a long car trip this summer or a short trips around town, you will probably being looking for games to play with the kids in the car. My son loves to play I Spy when we reading books or walking in the neighborhood. I thought it would be fun to […]

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