learning games Alphabet identification Don't you just wish letters grew on trees and you could pull them off when you needed practice with them. Letters don't grow on trees, but you can hang some foam letters with yarn from a low hanging tree and practice identifying them by swatting them with a flyswatter when your mom or a friend calls each one out to you.
When the letters are hung ,they will need to be spread apart so that you don't swat the wrong one. The yarn used to hang them may need to be different lengths so they are easier for you to get too. The letters will twist with even the smallest shift in the air and they may turn upside down as they hang from a tree branch. You will really have to look carefully at a letter to make sure that it truly is the letter you think it is. When you have found a letter, you may want to take it down and lay it in the grass. You may decide to keep all the letters up and practice finding them over and over again. If you have really long limb to hang the letters on, you may want to hang them up in abc order and sing the alphabet song as you swat them one at a time. There are probably many ways you can practice letter recognition with this activity  until finding each letter is a breeze.
Learning the alphabet is the first step towards reading.   The Quirky Mommas have other fun ideas for teaching letters to kids:

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