straw_sculpture 1 Sometimes you hold onto an object to use a craft for a long time waiting for the perfect idea for a recycled craft to come to you. This cup holder has been in my craft bin for several months waiting for inspiration to come. I would look at it almost every time I opened the box and nothing would come to mind. Finally it just had to come out of the bin and be used for something. The cup holder was taking up a lot of room in the plastic tub it was living in. It had to be set aside so I could dig underneath it to find something I already had a plan for. It needed to come out, but it still didn't have a recycled craft for it to be a part of. Thankfully a partial bag of large colored straws needed to be used too. It had been in the craft bin for a year. When I put both of the out of the table together, an activity quickly came to mind. My son and I wove the straws diagonally through the holes in each cup position in the holder. The straws moved easily through the holes and could be easily removed if one of the abstract straw designs looked like it needs a different colored straw in its place. We were both able to work on the sculpture by working on opposite sides of the cup holder which was fun. I love working with him on projects! I did have to give up the one orange straw, but it was worth it. This simple activity required using small motor skills and analyzing color choices and it created a really fun abstract sculpture or so I thought. This colorful sculpture ended up being on a temporary exhibit in our home. My son soon disassembled it and created a light saber with the straws with a rubber snake sticking out of it. Ironically the creation of the light saber required using the same skills he had used to create the sculpture. Small motor skills and analyzing color choices were required to make it.
I guess I need to come up with a new idea for a recycled craft using the cup holder. The straws are now part of my son's Star Wars collection.
Although they don’t involve straws, the Quirky Mommas do have some other ideas for Recycled Art projects.

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  1. Sometimes you can see the art in certain objects. However, it is difficult to see the practicality of the object at the same time.

  2. cute way to re-use an object! I love that you can look at something and see “craft” or “fun” when I just immediately think to throw it away!! :))