What fun it is to practice shaping letters using some old rope from a clothes line. You can bend it and shape it in the all of the letters of the alphabet.

Have Fun with Rope Letters

After forming the letter, what would be more fun the slipping along the rope with a sideways walk or balancing on it while stepping forwards. Actually having your child help you set out the rope and having them decide how to move from the top to the bottom, bottom to the top, left to the right or right to left would be fun. My son decided to slide sideways as he moved around the letters every time. Why? He reasoned he could see where he was going that way. No matter how your child decides to move around the shape I bet they will have fun  with rope letters. rope letter s
Here are some ways to move along the rope:
  • Hop
  • Skip
  • Slide
  • Tiptoe
  • March
  • Gallop
  • Dance

rope letters

Learning letters can be so much fun with hands-on activities like this.   The Quirky Mommas have a few more great ideas for teaching ABC’s to little ones.   Check these out:
  • Early Learning: Animal Alphabet Cards – Animal alphabet cards are easy to make and kids love learning their letters with these cute animals.
  • Fun Activity to Boost Early Literacy and Basic Reasoning Skills – This activity is great because it is holistic, adding several layers to a child's learning. First we have learning letters, then we add phonetics and on top of those lessons we have matching those sounds with letters and subsequently an animal and his tracks.
  • Alphabet Musical Chairs – Make a circle on the floor with alphabet letter cards. Turn on some fun music, and walk around the circle until the music stops! When the music stops, each player must name the letter that they are the closest to.

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