Make your Own Crayons

Do you have lots of crayon scraps?  We have a constant collection of crayon scraps, chewed ends and broken bits.

Melting Wax Crayons

We use the crayon scraps to make your own crayons.  This is a great way to use broken crayons!  A perk:  These new “crayons” are easier for little hands to hold, great for making crayon art masterpieces.

make crayons

Melt crayons:

  • Hot plate
  • Small glass jars or bowls – an old muffin tin also works great!
  • Broken crayons – brands don’t matter.
  • Candy mold – or ice cube trays.  We used ice cube trays from IKEA.
  • Refrigerator or freezer space

Our preschoolers had fun peeling the crayon bits to remove the paper and sorting them into color groups.  You’ll want to melt the crayons in color groups.  To melt you can either use a hot plate or melt it in the microwave in a bowl, inside a bowl of water.  You want to be sure that it heats the wax evenly.  Pour into the mold and then stick the mold into the fridge or freezer till the wax sets.  Have fun!

make crayons

Crayon Art:

What have your kids created with crayons lately??  I’d love to hear about it in the comments or on the Quirky Momma Facebook Page.  Like what you read?  Get regular updates by subscribing to the kids activities blog RSS feed.


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