Remember that craze from last year?   Of melting crayons?   We made our own melted crayon art.   We are blest to live in Texas where the summers are nice and warm.   Who needs a hairdryer for this art project when you can use the sun! melted crayon Art In our playroom I had an empty wall that was begging for some color – and a shelf insert that looked like it could be put to better use!   After discovering the melted crayon art that went viral EVERYWHERE last summer we decided to make our own.   My daughter was in a precise mood so we lined up the crayons with a ruler and glued them down.   Then we took the board outside, propped it up on the steps and left for a bit.       Well, not all art projects end well.   We love the finished product of our melted crayons, but we now have drips of melted crayon to welcome people as they enter our home (note to self: Texas sun is HOT and crayons melt fast.   Use tin foil or something to catch the drips next time).   For our “canvas”, we used a piece of 1/4 inch thick particle board from Lowes, they have a section of pre-cut boards – it is perfect!   No need to fuss with frames, just drill holes in the sides and hang with ribbon. melted crayon Art.

Another Melted Crayon Art Project:

In our second crayon project we made a pair of pictures – crayon ink blots.   Thanks Kim for inspiring this with her outdoor melted crayon art.   She made ink blots using crayons and sheets of wax paper.   Hers was a mess free project.   Love the results.   We decided to use scraps from a cardboard box as our “canvas”.       The kids picked out the crayon bits that they wanted to include in their blots and we set our canvases on tin foil to contain the mess.   We learned the hard way from our dripping crayons project.   No drips onto our sidewalk this time. . melted crayon Art . After only an hour or so of Texas sun, the crayons melted nicely.   We love how they swirled and blended together.   It was interesting to me to discover that different crayons melt at different temps and have different consistency.   Roseart tended to melt before Crayola crayons did – and lighter colors were “runnier” than darker colors. . melted crayon Art . Have you made art from melted crayons?   I’d love to hear about it!   Thank you Lowes for helping inspire and facilitate creative projects for my family!   You are my son’s favorite store!

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  1. I am going to do this next week with my toddler. OUr temps would definitely make this possible! Sounds like a fun project to do with all those broken crayon bits we have.

  2. These turned out so great! I wouldn’t have guessed the crayons would melt so fast. I love that you were able to compare different crayons’s melting times and consistencies.

  3. I love it! Our heat wave just finally broke yesterday but I’m sure we’ll have some hot days again this summer. I pinned this to remind me later!