Thanksgiving Crafts: Turkey Handprint Apron

These adorable Turkey Handprint Aprons make wonderful gifts for your Thanksgiving guests & are a fun craft to do as you wait for the big day to arrive.

I purchased plain white aprons in the restauraunt supply section of my local Sam’s Club.  If you don’t have a membership to a warehouse store, check online for Restauraunt Supply companies.   The aprons I bought were sold in a pack of 5 and were only a few bucks for each piece.  We did this project 4 years ago, & these aprons get washed weekly and are ALL in perfect shape still (minus a stain or two from my messy cooking).   If you want to purchase individual aprons at stores, you will pay more.

Along with the aprons, you will need paint!  Hobby Lobby usually has a great 40% off coupon from their website.  I have been known to print off multiple coupons, hand one to each child along with some cash, & let everyone pay for an item.  The coupon says “One coupon per customer”, and the way I see it, if my kids are paying, they’re a customer! 

When choosing paint, be sure to pick fabric paint.  Some regular acrylic craft paints will come off in the wash.  I used brown for the palm of my son’s hand (turkey body), and I chose coordinating fall colors for each finger (feathers).  I just lined up all the aprons on the kitchen table & went down the row, repainting his hand before pressing it onto each apron.

If your child is older & can paint, let them add the legs, waddle, beak,  & eyes after the body has dried.  My son was little, so I added the details myself.  Again, be sure the paint you choose is made for fabrics & will not wash off in the machine.  The white paint I chose was NOT for fabrics and none of our turkeys have eyeballs anymore!

When your guests arrive Thanksgiving day, hand them an apron so they can stay clean while they help you cook!

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