Ten Ways to Play with Paint

My preschool aged children love to paint and we are always looking for new ways to enjoy crafting with our kids.  Thanks to everyone who linked up these ideas in previous It’s Playtime round-ups.

play with paint

Play with Paint

Ways to paint with kids

Use Cars and Wheels to Paint. Jesse of Play, Create, Explore had fun with her son.  They dipped their toy trucks in paint and had fun painting different “tracks”.  My son is fascinated with construction vehicles with a highway project nearby, this is a perfect activity for him!  Thanks Jesse!

Make Mystery Messages to Appear when You Paint. This idea was submitted by Laura of Art for Little Hands.  I can see this as a great way to help my learning to read daughter with some of her sight words!

Dip Marbles into Paint and Watch them Roll. We have done marble paintings in the past, and I was reminded about how much fun they are to create by Isil of Smiling Like Sunshine.  Her kids look like they are having a grand time creating.

Use Magnets to Move Paint. Heather of Camp Slop dipped a metal object into paint and used a magnet to move the object around the paint with her kiddos.  I love the effect and the chance for her kids to learn about cause and effect reactions.

Use Balloons and Gravity to Paint. A fellow Texan momma, at Crunchy and Green, put varying weights inside balloons, then her kids dipped them in paint and watched the colors fall.  Fun!  She used a big cardboard box to create this “art”.

Throw Your Paint. My preschoolers and toddlers used diaper wipes dipped in paint to create a masterpiece.  The good thing about this project was that the diaper wipes were handy for easy clean-up!

Ways to paint with kids

 Kids and Paint.

Blow Paint with Straws. I can see this being a huge hit with a recipe of edible Koolaide paint.  Melissa of the Chocolate Muffin Tree had fun painting with straws with her daughter.  She features multiple methods to paint with straws, but the blowing was my favorite.

Painting with String. Hannah of Paint on the Ceiling “whipped” a piece of paper with paint covered string.  This is something my son especially would enjoy!  And I can see my daughters making princess “hair” with their painted strings.

Paint your Hands and Make Hand-prints. Jena and I must have the same kids!  Mine love painting themselves!  In her blog, Happy Little Messes, she explains her sons fascination with painting himself.

With Rubber Bands, Make a Snap Painting. Several of you submitted rubber band paintings, but my favorite one comes from Irresistible Play, they used thin rubber bands to make mini splat paintings.  This is a great way to limit the mess while still having a tactile experience.



Do you like to paint with your kids?

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