10 {MORE} Band Bracelets for Kids to Make

By popular demand, we have another 10 tutorials for band bracelets that kids can make that we have either tried and adapted, or dream of doing *one day*.

If you liked our previous collection of 9 Favorite Rainbow Loom Bracelets, you are sure to love these too!

Don’t have a loom yet?  This is the loom that we use.  (We love affiliate links).  It is cheap and connects to other name-brand looms easily.

band bracelet tutorial for kids

10 Band Bracelets that Kids Can Make

Relatively Easy Band Bracelets for beginners to create

Triple Single.
This is a really easy pattern and helps kids begin the concept of “grab the bottom band”.  As it is thicker, it is also a hit for those kids who are tired of fishtails.

Square Fishtail.

This fishtail (pictured below) has a variation, it’s a cube – fun stuff!!  What is even cooler though, is that you can use this square fishtail bracelet as a pencil cozy – it makes holding the pencil easier for kids who are beginning to write (and it looks nifty too!).

band bracelet tutorial for kids

Medium Difficulty Band Bracelets

The hula Hoop.

This is a fun frilly bracelet that uses a ton of bands, but if your kids like “glitz” they will enjoy this one.  Consider making it with glow-in-the-dark bands.

The heart bracelet.

The best kind to create and gift for besties – make two identical heart bracelets.  One for you and one for a good pal.

Double Braid.

I want to make an anklet double braid as soon as new bands come in (we make so many of these things we’re out right now).  You can double up looms and link two together to convert any bracelet into an anklet or even a choker necklace.

Hairy Caterpillar.

We adapted the single rhombus and added knots along the edge to create the bracelet my gal calls, Hairy Caterpillar.  The link in the title goes to the video on how to create the single rhombus.  Below you can see how we added knotted bands of “hair”.

band bracelet tutorial for kids

Hard Band Bracelets – i.e. Mom might need to help out.

All of these I goofed on and had to tie skipped bands together in order to keep the bracelet together.  They will take a bit of practice to become successful at them.


I love all the tutorials at Loom Love.  This ziagonal one is just pretty!

Topsy Turvy.

Another one that is fun!

Mustache Cuff.

THicker is better, at least with my kiddos.  They love color variation and chunky bracelets.  This one is BIG.  Easy to follow tutorial.

Insanely Difficult Band Bracelet Tutorials – these I dream of making with/for my kiddos *one day*.


Love how they have mixed metallic bands with solid colored ones!  It is another goodie from Loom Love!

Snake Belly.

Yowsers!  To create this bracelet you will need no less than 5 looms!  YOu connect the looms together to make this fun and insanely difficult bracelet.

What are your favorite band bracelets to make?

Pssssst…here are tutorials for more band bracelets if you didn’t find one from this list.

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