Free Chevron Printable Christmas List for Kids

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One fun holiday tradition we’ve started is filling out our printable Christmas list on Thanksgiving.  We love circling toys in catalogs as well, but when tempted, my son will circle every single item.

I bet yours does the same.  

I like him to think hard and come up with his top four things he really would like to have this year.  After all, it’s not a toy free for all!  Here’s a free printable Christmas list you can print right at home and help your kids fill out.

Free Chevron Printable Christmas List

Printable Christmas List

It is fun because they don’t mind learning a little writing and spelling skills when it comes to something so important!

There are two versions of this Christmas printable for kids.  Simply click on the link below with the color combination you prefer:

We also have some cute Christmas coloring pages and my favorite printable of all time, a Christmas baking set printable so you can make Christmas cookies without heating up the oven.

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