Christmas printables are in high demand right now and we are really excited to have this Christmas printable stationary.  It was created by our friends over at Petite Lemon who have a WAY with stationary!  I know I am always drawn to their Shutterfly Christmas card designs. Christmas Printables Aren’t they adorable?

Christmas Stationary

These printable Christmas stationary designs are perfect to drop a note or use for Thank You’s during the holidays:
  • Hugs and Kisses:  Hugs, Kisses, Hello, Cheers, Thanks, Congrats – circle the word that fits your note the best!
  • Colorful lines:  Bright colors border the bottom of this simple note.
  • Christmas Colors:  Red and white striped “tape” border this festive holiday note.
  • Rainbow Zig-zag:  The rainbow in a zig-zag pattern for colorful fun.

Christmas Printables

Print out the Christmas stationary that suits your needs or print out a group and give as a gift!

Download here:

Watch for more Christmas-related fun this week on Kids Activities Blog! These  Christmas printables have been created by our friends at Petite Lemon, who specialize in personalized decor and tees for kids. You can view all of their personalized goodness ” canvas growth charts, sibling tshirts, alphabet posters, birthday tshirts and more at

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