An-Activity-a-Day: Learning with Coins

This was the first week of our Activity-a-Day calendars!  We have three calendars available each month and on each calendar is an activity that should take 15min or so using items commonly found at home to help interact and learn through play.  Are you participating in the Activity-a-Day fun?  If so, link up and show us your family’s favorite learning activity from the week.


On Wednesday we emptied the piggy bank…

…and cleaned the coins and did the following learning activities with them:

  • Sorted our coins into piles of “like kind”.  It was fun watching my three year old examine the back of the quarters, dimes and nickles to determine which pile they should go in.
  • My four year old would find the coin that didn’t “match” the others and we talked about what the different coins were called.  I attempted a discussion on the different values, but the kiddos did not seem to “get it”, they were too busy playing.
  • We had fun counting our coins and figuring out who had the pile with the most coins.
  • My builder, then began making stacks of the coins while I began practicing patterns with his sister.   If we have a quarter, a quarter, a dime and then a quarter, which coin do you think goes next in the sequence?

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