Tips for Encouraging Creativity in Kids

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I want to support my kids’ creativity in every way possible because I believe that creativity is in part our soul.  It is the passionate area deep down inside that compels us to take action in a way that may not be understood by others.

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Creativity in kids may lead to the destination of a gorgeous painting or an original song, but I suspect in most kids the journey of their creativity will take another path…maybe one the world considers {cough} more creative.

I am not crafty, how do I promote creativity in my kids?

We need to stop thinking about creativity within the boundaries of Kindergarten arts and crafts.  While those skills are nice to hang on the fridge, they don’t hint to the creative process of most children.  Your child’s passions propel his creative thought.

  • Inventing alternate rules to a family game
  • Ability to play with building toys for hours
  • A pun told in conversation
  • Using the playground slide as a concrete mixer
  • Assembling an outfit that mystifies adults
  • Inventing an alternate universe to interact with during a normal day
  • Singing along in the car to a favorite song
  • Telling a tall tale to a brother who believes
  • Creating a code or language
  • Taking pictures with mom’s camera
  • Folding paper airplanes in church
  • Dancing during TV commercials
  • Writing a comic book
  • Constructing a tent out of sheets in the living room

It is what your child DOES when they could be bored that really speaks to the passions behind their creative curiosity.

To promote creativity in kids is to promote boredom.

A child can’t be creative over the noise of entertainment.  Chronic entertainment drowns creative thought.  It is my concern that we are raising a generation of children who are waiting to be entertained.

Waiting for entertainment instead of creating it.

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