strawberry salsa chicken salad…yum

I have been trying to find ways to sneak good food into my diet.

Things that taste good so I won’t crave bad stuff.

Things that are easy so I will actually make them.

I won’t make it if it isn’t easy.  Period. I am learning to accept this about myself and work with it.

Which is why I love Strawberry Salsa Chicken Salad.

Yummy? Check.

Easy? Check.

Strawberry Salsa Chicken Salad

2 diced apples

1 jalapeno pepper with the insides stripped out and diced

5 green onions – finely chopped

1 Tablespoon of grated fresh ginger

1 cup diced fresh California Strawberries

1/3rd cup of white wine vinegar

1 bag spinach Salad mix

cooked chicken cubes

Mix all the ingredients from apples to vinegar to create the Strawberry Salsa and toss together gently.

Spoon on top of the spinach salad mix and top with the chicken.

I took this picture and then devoured this Strawberry Salsa Chicken Salad in approximately 2 1/2 minutes.  It is really yummy as a full meal.  If you would rather use it as a side dish, I suggest substituting pecan halves for the chicken…and then you would have to call it Strawberry Salsa Pecan Salad.

I am a girl who has never met a jalapeno I didn’t like.  I have also been recently obsessed with the fancy fruit-and-nut salads when we eat out.  This salad is exactly like something I would order at a favorite restaurant, but the good news is that it is super easy and I don’t have to pay $7.99+ a serving for it.

Today, I ate it for lunch and two/three of my boys tried it at dinner.  They both reported that they liked it.  Their palates aren’t quite ready for a full serving, but the fact that they tried it and liked it is certainly a step in the right direction.

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