Nest Ball for the Birds {Easy Spring Craft}

A nest ball provides much needed supplies for nest building birds.  Try this activity with your kids and do something nice for the birds in your area.  Kids Activities blog hopes you have fun with this Spring craft  to help the birds build their nests!

Kids Activities Blog is excited to welcome Ruth as Quirky Momma for the day!  She is here to share a sweet little project to help the birds 0n their way with these little Bird Nest Balls.

Spring Craft, Bird nest ball

Nest Ball

Spring has sprung and the birds are working hard to build intricate little nests for their soon to be laid eggs.

For the Birds


  • Some pliable branches (try to collect from the ground, or if you must harvest them take only a little from each tree)
  • String
  • Wool roving or shredded old wool sweaters!

Bird Nest Ball, Spring Craft

Spring Craft

How to:

  • Make a small loop with one of the branches and twist to secure.
  • Now wind around and around trying to create a spherical shape, threading through when possible.
  • Gradually add more branches, winding in and out of the previous ones.
  • Once you are happy with your shape gently stuff it with the wool, trying to make sure a few strands are poking out and easily accessible for the birds.
  •  Tie a piece of string to the top of the ball and hang from a tree.

Ruth lives in a little cottage in Virginia with her husband and two young daughters. She runs a little forest playgroup and writes free Reggio and Waldorf resources on her website,

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