IMG_2285If your kids are like mine they are obsessed with birds.   The cooling winds of fall bring lots of birds, mostly crows, through our yard.   Z loves watching the birds congregate on our fence.   Today we created pine cone bird feeders to feed the birds on their southern trip. … … … … Materials needed:IMG_2274
  • Pinecones
  • Ribbon (we used strips of fabric)
  • Peanut Butter
  • Wild Birdseed
First you lightly coat the pine cone with the peanut butter.   Next you roll the pinecone in the seeds till it is coated.   Intertwine your ribbon around the pines of the pinecone and hang outside for the birds to enjoy. IMG_2281Have fun identifying the birds who come to your bird feeder! … Check out these pine cone crafts! &  Easy DIY Bird Feeder Craft for Kids!

This is part of our Bird Learning Theme.   For more activities, follow the link below:


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  1. YulI can understand it could be fusterating to make the pinecone bird feeders with the giant CA pinecones and a largegroup of children. If you use the small (child size) pinecones and do it with only a few children at a time, it is very rewarding. Hope you try it again someday soon, the kids really enjoy it and the birds do too.
    Thank you Katie for thethe Crisco instead of peanut butter idea for anyone who may have an allergy to peanut butter. I do know it is made for birds but you know kids, they will lick anything they get on their hands. Better safe than sorry.

  2. I once made these with a class of 20 kindergarteners and giant and I mean giant pine cones from northern CA. Never again I vowed. I think I’d blocked that experience from my memory. Now that it would only be with one, I’ll have to revisit the thought of making these. It is fun to watch the birds come and eat from them. I’ve also heard you can make them with Crisco, if peanut allergies are a concern.

  3. This seems a lot easier than I thought it would be. We have to try it out soon! Thanks for sharing how to do it!