3 {Non-Mushy} Valentines Day Coloring Pages

These 3 free printable Valentines Day coloring pages will make even the most non-mushy kid smile.  They are Valentine coloring pages with a robot theme that could be used at home, school or given as a Valentine gift.

Kids Activities Blog loves to celebrate with kids and these three Valentines printables can get the party started.

Valentine Coloring Pages for Kids


Valentines Day Coloring Pages

These three Valentines coloring pages are robot-themed.  The first is a quizzical fellow with a heart outline on his chest.  The second is a robot couple with the words “Happy Valentines Day”.  The third shows a love…for gears.  All three are adorable for the most reluctant Valentine.

Valentines Coloring Pages

Print out these free Valentines printable coloring pages for kids by clicking on the links below:

We hope your kids have a ton of Valentine fun with these.  If your kids are anything like mine, they prefer to use almost anything BUT crayons on coloring pages!

Valentines Day coloring pages for kids - Kids Activities Blog - robot


Valentines Day Coloring Pages Ideas

To create this foil robot, you will need:

  • aluminum foil
  • scrapbook or construction paper
  • googly eyes
  • string or ribbon
  • pom pom
  • glue or double-sided tape

To cut the aluminum foil to the proper size, I placed it underneath the coloring page and traced it with a pen.  The indentation shows up on the foil which is easy to use as a template.

We placed a piece of the scrapbook paper under the chest foil so it would show through the heart cut-out.

We have been known to paint, use markers, chalk, colored pencils, watercolors and paper.  These Valentines coloring pages may be perfect for some of these techniques due to the simplicity of the design.

Coloring Pages for Kids

We hope you enjoyed both of our Valentines Day coloring pages sets.  If you missed our circus themed Valentines Coloring pages, no worries!  They are still available.

Kids Activities Blog has regularly published coloring pages for kids.  Here are a few of our recent favorites:

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