Thinking Thursday: Mazes for Kids

Add some thinking games to your Thursday. Practice problem solving and reasoning skills while having fun with mazes for kids.  Kids Activities Blog encourages you to take a look at these a-maze-ing ideas.


Kids Activity for Thursday

Download these maze printables and let your kids have fun solving them.

Maze Printable 1

Maze Printable 2

Mazes for Kids

Rachel (the original Quirky Momma) teaches us how to draw a maze by planning out your route. This is great for making mazes that have even a little bit of difficulty.

Lego Maze

Creating a maze with Legos is perfect for your Lego-loving kids. Using a base plate helps to keep the maze walls intact, but you can also just use the floor. Create a path wide enough for a car or favorite toy to travel through. Add turns and dead ends. You can vary the difficulty of the maze by adding more wrong paths. For young children, stick to a simple path with few or no wrong turns.

mazes for kids

After you create the maze, drive your cars through it. Be careful or you might run into a wall!

lego maze

For an added challenge, hide your maze inside a box. Can you make your way through the maze without seeing inside? I shared this idea over at A Mom With A Lesson Plan.

More Kids Activities

  • Create a room-size maze using blocks, books, boxes, or toys. You can make the maze large enough for just toy cars or animals to travel through, or you can make the paths wide enough for your kids to walk through.
  • {Kids Activity} Learn map reading skills with this cute snack map!
  • Building with LEGO Candy

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