Make Strawberry Santas as a Healthy Christmas Snack

Need some Christmas recipes that don’t cause a full-on sugar rush?  These Santa Hats make for healthy alternatives and are tasty too.  Wouldn’t it be fun to sing the cute Christmas rhyme while you make these with your kids?

strawberry santas

Christmas Recipes

Here’s a healthy Christmas treat for you, Strawberry Santas! Holiday parties and gatherings can do a number on our sugar intake during the holidays so I am always looking for healthy alternatives to serve. Our Santa hats can be served up for a snack, lunch or holiday gathering.

Christmas Rhyme

Since I am a big believer in adding an educational twist to all things(as much as I can) I will also share with you a simple Santa Rhyme.

S A N T A  (Sung to BINGO tune)

There is a man we know so well,

And SANTA is his name Ho




And SANTA is his name HO!

The children learn how to spell SANTA very quickly and have fun with this song and treat! You can also replace the letter you omit with the word HO so by the end of the song they are saying Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho.  If your kids need a visual just cut out the letters SANTA out and HO out 5x and add it in each time they omit one of the Santa letters out.  

How To Make Strawberry Santas

  • Wash your strawberries and flip them upside down. (The pointier the end is, the better.)
  • Snip the tip off your strawberry and use a little whip cream to stick it back down.
  • Add a tiny dot of whip cream to the tip of the strawberry, and two little dots down the front.

What you do is cut the stem off in a way that you’re creating a base. Place it on your plate and spray whip cream around the bottom and a little dabble at the top.

More Christmas Recipes for Kids

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