Halloween Activities for Children {Ring Shaker}

Halloween activities for children don’t have to be complicated or take a lot of effort to pull together.  This Halloween activity is simple and a great way to use any of the extra Halloween rings or objects you find around your house this time of year.  We love activities like this at Kids Activities Blog because it also helps little ones work on fine motor skills, color recognition, and patterning… and can be worn as a necklace too!

Halloween activities for children

Halloween Activities for Children

Materials Needed:

  • several Halloween rings in a variety of colors (and styles if you have them- bats, spiders, etc.)
  • a glowstick necklace (there are tons in the Target $1 aisle right now!)
  • masking tape

Halloween Activity

  1. Tape one end of the glowstick to a flat surface like a table. This will ensure that it doesn’t move while little ones are adding the rings.
  2. Start adding the rings onto the glowstick. Talk about the colors, shapes, and patterns your child is making while you create!
  3. Once finished, close the glowstick necklace, turn on your favorite Halloween tunes, and dance around while moving your Halloween Ring Shaker. You can dance with it around your neck or while holding it in your hand!


Halloween rings are a choking hazard for little ones, so make sure that you supervise children when they are using their shakers.

What other ways have you used Halloween rings to create or learn?

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