Practical Tips for Moms

As our family grows, my need for practical tips to make life easier with the kids has grown too. Thanks to all the participants in our weekly link-up, It’s Playtime. You have sent tons of tips over the past year – making life easier and more fun with the kiddos. These are just a few of my favorite tips and ideas.

Tips for moms2
Don’t loose cups.  Help your kids keep track of “their cup” by gluing magnets to the cups and keeping them on the fridge.

Have a no-tears transition to pedaling a bike by starting with a balance bike.

Teach your children to effectively sweep the floor with the help of a taped “goal”.

Survive sickness with young children with the help of a vinyl tablecloth and powdered jello.

Cut down on slippery soap (and the messes kids make with bar soaps) with the help of a soap pouch.

Detangle your dolls hair with a simple solution made from fabric softener – brilliant!

Remove melted crayon from your dryer and a bunch of other cleaning tips.


More Tips for Moms:

Survival Tips for moms

How to keep all the Reading program books organized. No more lost books!

Have a family calendar. This suggestion uses icons of common activities so non-reading children can know what to expect for the day.

Organize snack time in advance – they have lots of simple snack ideas!

Design a room and activities for learning. Love the tip to keep rotating activities. Great reminder for after-school homework time too!

For crazy afternoons, give your non-napper a busy box.

Don’t go upstairs empty-handed, grab something from the stair bucket on your way.

Encourage your kids to be more independent. Set up drink and snack stations for them to help themselves.

Have a Travel Bag full of entertainment saved for errand days.

Help your kids be more organized with closet organization – put one outfit in each drawer.


Thanks to everyone who adds ideas each week!  By linking up you give us permission to feature you and a photo on our blog, on our facebook wall, promote the post through pinterest, etc.  Also, we’ll add you to our weekly newsletter – cheers, and happy browsing!


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