Top 10 Super Simple Dress Up Ideas

Do your kids like dressing up? Both my girls love to wear different outfits when they’re playing or even when we’re heading out and about on errands or to the park. Wearing the right clothes, whether it’s a crown, swirling ballet skirt or builders hard hat seems to complete their play and let them really be the character they’re pretending to be.

What I’ve noticed though is that the items and props don’t have to be exactly right or anything fancy and certainly not any expensive store-bought costumes. The secret to the very best dress up costumes lies in the child’s imagination. If they feel the costume is right, then it’s perfect!

As well as being a whole lot of fun, dressing up really helps children develop important skills. They get to try out different roles and ideas and learn about how people act in different situations. What would batman do when the phone rings? How would a fairy handle the washing up? Dress up games also help children build relationships with the other kids they’re playing with and try out all sorts of language as they negotiate the game. And you never know how pretend play when you’re little will influence their future selves. Maybe the kiddo in the space helmet really will grow up to be an astronaut!

Having a box of dress up props on hand means your children can dip in and create costumes when imagination strikes. The costumes don’t have to be complex or expensive, and if the children are able to make or put together their own items, even better.

Top ten super simple dress up ideas

Here are ten super simple dress up ideas that are packed with fun and creativity.

  1. You could make use of what you have and are about to throw away. Newspapers or rolls of paper can make great costumes or try some wrapping paper gowns.
  2. Go with some story book inspiration and become a Paper Bag Princess.
  3. Super heros can try this super simple super hero cape which you can make in minutes, using fabric glue if you don’t want to sew.
  4. Try a marvellous hat, which your kids can make from whatever you have in the craft box.
  5. Go regal and make yourself a crown.
  6. A cardboard box makes a great robot.
  7. Sometimes just a prop is needed to spark the imagination ~ such as this easy flower bouquet for a bride.
  8. Paper plates are great starting points for masks such as a panda or a tiger.
  9. Dive into the craft box and create a bird mask.
  10. Combine some soda bottles and some tin foil to make some super rocket blasters.

I think keeping costumes simple lets kids imaginations go wild.

What do your kids love to use to dress up?

The Quirky Mommas love dress up time!  Here are some more great costume ideas:

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