Mothers Day Craft: Simple Pillow

Sometimes a mom or grandma needs a little pillow to prop up her feet or place her head on after a busy day playing with a little boy or girl in their life. It may just look to others like a small pillow, but the love that went into making it helps them relax after a busy time game of chase or reading a favorite book four thousand times in one morning.

My son and I created such a pillow out of a few things we had around the house to pass on to one of his grandmothers. It was super easy to make and we hope it will show the grandma that gets it how much we love her.

Sewing is not something we have done much of at our house, but sewing is a wonderful way to work on fine motor skills.  Refining fine motor skills is something my son needs to work on so, this was  wonderful way to create a gift and work a skill. The repetition of pushing the needle up and down  really helped him get a lot of practice in gripping the end of the needle and pulling the yarn through.


Cushioned Shelf Liner (Right off the shelves in one of our kitchen cabinets)


Large Needle

Cotton Balls


How did we make it?

I cut two hearts out of the shelf liner.

I started the sewing to show my son how to stitch through the shelf liner. A small length of yarn was left hanging from where I started the first stitch. The small length would be tied in a bow with the end of the string of yarn when we finished sewing.

We took turns making stitches around the heart. It was a challenge to push the need through the liner at times. We had to make sure the holes lined up on both hearts.

When we were about four inches from meeting our first stitch, my son started to stuff the heart with cotton ball.

The cotton balls didn’t want to move up into the top sections of the heart so, Jdaniel used chopsticks to push them into those areas.

When the heart was filled with cotton balls, we completed the final stitches.

I cut off all but four inches of the remaining yarn.

Then I tied the two ends of the yarn into a bow.

Want some more sewing projects for your children?

4 days later teeth whitening

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