Pancake Sandwiches

In our house, a breakfast favorite is pancake sandwiches! We are totally in love with pancakes in every way, but these are some of our favorite!

pancake sandwiches
My son was so proud that “he made breakfast”.  He loves cooking, and helping in any way!  His favorite part is mixing the batter!

We used some of the batter to spell our names with pancake letters and made mini-pancakes with the rest of the batter.  These were the perfect size for little hands to grab!

A tip we use to keep the mess to a minimum, especially when my two-year old is the one cooking:  Put the batter into ziplock bags, cut a corner out of the bag, and pipe the batter onto your griddle.

When I let Z pour the batter my stove is covered!  Using bags of pancake batter lets him participate more in the cooking process.

How To Make Pancake Sandwiches

Grab two pancakes, lather on the peanut butter, add slices of bananas and you have a hit with kids and mommy alike!

I can see us making variations in the future with eggs and bacon, or with breakfast sausage patties.

These would be great to make for road-trips or other out-and-about mornings!

Have you ever made a pancake sandwich before? Tell us all about it over on our Facebook page!

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