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Learning the letter H! Letter H learning Resources, alphabet recognition, phonics, activities and crafts for preschoolers. Learn to read, write and have fun with the letter H.

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20+ Letter H Crafts & Activities for Preschoolers to Learn the Alphabet Through Play

Let’s learn the letter H!

Learn the letter H with Kids Activities Blog

Yay for the Letter H!

Learning the alphabet is an essential part of a child’s education. It’s much more than just practicing handwriting sheets over and over again.

In fact, we believe there are more efficient ways to help your kid learn the letters, like crafts and engaging activities!

Letter H Song

The letter H plays an important part in the alphabet called a consonant. To understand better what sounds the letter b can make, here is the Letter H song.

Once your kid feels confident, why not try spelling activities for kids? Or improve their reading skills with reading activities for kids while they’re at it!

Today we are learning the letter H! We made a list of different activities and hands-on crafts that your kids will love. Just keep on reading!

The Letter H learning - preschool boy with letter cutouts practicing on wall
Using different materials and colors with your letter H lessons is a fun and easy way to help young children learn the alphabet, sound out words and read simple sentences.

Letter H Lesson Plan

Let’s see how many words your little one knows that begin with H!

  • How many words that start with H can they think of?
  • Do they know foods that start with H?
  • Have they heard of places that start with H?
  • Do they know animals that start with H?

Letter H Crafts to Teach H is for Hippo - letter H craft for Kindergarten and preschool made out of craft paper

Kids love learning via crafts and activities. Let their imagination run wild with this super cute H is for Hippo craft.We love making letter crafts that are also fun to play with. In the past lesson, we made a walking giraffe. This time we are creating a cute little Hippo!

This simple H is for Hippo craft, your kid will be able to practice their motor skills with just a few supplies that you probably already own: construction paper, pompoms, and googly eyes. We assure your kid will fall in love with it!

The Letter H craft and activity selection for preschoolers - H is for horse and others pictured here
Crafts are so important because they help kids express their feelings and put their creativity to use. These crafts and activities combine fun and learning so they’re perfect to learn the letter H!

After the hippo is all done and hanging on the wall, you can move on to more super fun Letter H Activities to do with your kids. Give construction paper to your kids and they can build an H-shaped little horse!

There are so many words that start with the letter H. Heart, hedgehog, hamburger… Make it a game! How many animals that start with H can your kid name in 30 seconds? Or how many foods that start with H can they think of?

Preschool Letter H Printable Worksheets

It’s time to get some handwriting exercises in! Once your preschooler has mastered the Letter H, print these free worksheets to practice handwriting.

The Letter H is a simple but practical worksheet to help your kid learn the shape of uppercase and lowercase H. We suggest laminating it so they can use it over and over again!

Letter H Worksheets - preschool boy on floor with alphabet worksheet
Worksheets are perfect for practicing the letter H. Just make sure to do them one at a time and mix them up with other fun activities!

H is for horse, heart, house… H is also for healthy and happy, two words that are without a doubt most important to each and every parent. These Letter H Worksheets are exactly what your kid needs to make the most of this alphabet lesson.

This set includes uppercase and lowercase tracing pages, coloring sheets, and phonics activities to teach students the sounds of words that begin with Letter H.

Our Color the letters worksheets are a nice extra to review the letter H as well as the letters F, G, I and J.

More Fun Alphabet Learning Resources

When you are done with the letter H, make this Super Fun Crayon Resist Art and have your kid write down some letters. It’s really simple yet so much fun! Or if they’re craving some snacks, it might be time to try these Alphabet Crackers. So yummy!


Everything You Need To Teach The Letter H

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