A dog is a dog, no matter how big it is. And wolves are nothing more than gigantic dogs with really big teeth. Of course, fairy tales would never have us believe that. According to fairy tales wolves are nothing more than the bullies of the forrest, bent on blowing down houses and eating grandma’s, but fairy tales are bubkus. Just ask any stepmother…really, we’re not evil, we’re not so bad at all. Now, this isn’t saying I’d approach a wolf in the forrest and call him ‘Fluffy’ or anything, but this gigantic wolf I’d definitely want to spend some time cuddling. He lives on a wolf reserve, and when this woman settles down next to him? He becomes all fluffer. Take a look! Seriously, before this video I never knew wolves just wanted to have their bellies rubbed like any other dog. A good scratch behind the ear, maybe, and to be called a ‘good boy’ might have changed everything in those fairy tales. Who knows? Maybe instead of being eaten, Grandma might have found herself a friend for life. Way to go, granny. Thanks for giving these babies a bad name…

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