When a parent passes away, a gaping hole is left in our hearts that can not be filled by anything else in this world. This is the person who brought you into this world. If you’re lucky, the person who raised you and stood by your side through every good and bad thing that ever happened in your life. This person had expectations of you from the day you were conceived, but you had expectations of them, too. They are superheroes, they are nurses, they are our teachers, leaders, conscience, and biggest defenders. This young man’s father was a police officer who died while on duty. For years he’s worked at collecting every bit and scrap of life that his father ever touched. His jacket, his photos, and at this auction this son tried to buy his father’s squad car. He saved for it…but when the gavel came down, he just didn’t have enough. Take a look! This son tried to sacrifice every penny he had for his father’s charger, but in the end it was a stranger who made the highest bid. What this young man could never have anticipated is that this stranger wanted nothing more than to gift the car to a fallen deputy’s son as a final thank you for his years of service. And this son? He will never forget the stranger who gave him the final memory of his dad.

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