Nurses really are the saviors of the hospital. They take care of their patients, keep track of doctor’s orders, provide companionship, medication, and an open ear when needed. They are the first people patients turn to when they need a hand, and the last person we think to thank when we leave. They deserve so much more than we give them, and yet they show up to do their job every day anyway. That’s why I think this video made my day. This nurse is so patient and so kind to his patient – even as she is proposing over and over – and keeps a sense of humor through the entire thing. She might cringe at what she sees later, but I look at this and see an incredible caregiver who gave his all to his patient – even if he had to turn her down. Take a look!

Seriously, how sweet was this guy? I know, it’s a funny video because of the way she’s proposing, and of course his reaction, but I just truly can’t get over how incredibly great he is through the whole thing. Huge kudos, my friend! Way to be a rock star!

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