Little Girl Hilariously Puts Gaston In His Place At Disney

We all have our favorite Disney character. And while adults are able to recognize that these are indeed characters, that realization may be a lot more difficult for children. Especially in the Magic Kingdom. And I’m thinking that’s exactly what happened when this precocious little girl met the arch enemy of her favorite Disney character: Gaston. Yes, this sweet little kiddo loves the Beast from Beauty and the Beast, and when Gaston started talking smack about her beloved beast, she HAD to put him in his place. And boy HOWDY did she! In a hilarious and determined fashion, at that! Take a look!

“I’ve been outdone by a girl. A short one.” I have no idea how Gaston was able to stay in character through that entire exchange, but I couldn’t stop laughing. He definitely was no match for that sassy fan of the beast! You keep standing up for what you belive in, kid. You’re definitely going far in this life!

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