Halloween is just around the corner! It’s time to prepare for this fun holiday with easy crafts and activities for kids. Shared below is a cute Jack O’Lantern Sensory Bag activity, perfect for little hands! This craft is easy enough to make at home, school, or daycare.

Jack O'Lantern Sensory Bag

Jack O’Lantern Sensory Bag

Sensory bags are perfect for kids who need sensory experiences, but don’t enjoy getting their hands dirty. The Jack O’Lantern Sensory Bag shared below is easy to make and enjoyed by kids of all ages.

To make this activity you will need: (this post includes affiliate links)

Most supplies for this craft can be found at your community dollar store. Don’t you love cheap and easy activities for kids?

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Jack O'Lantern Sensory Bag


After gathering supplies, use the scissors to cut the black foam into Jack O’Lantern eyes, and a mouth. My child didn’t want the Jack O’Lantern to have a nose, but of course you could add one of those too.

Jack O'Lantern Sensory Bag

Place the craft foam body parts into the bag, then pour soap into the bag. Add just enough so that when the bag lays flat with the air pressed out, soap covers the surface.

Jack O'Lantern Sensory Bag

Invite kids to move the foam eyes, mouth, and nose around in the bag to create a Jack O’Lantern face. If desired, seal the top of the bag with heavy tape (like Duct tape) so children cannot open the bag and pour out the soap!

Jack O'Lantern Sensory Bag

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  1. I am definitely making these Halloween sensory bags to use with my preschoolers in OT. So simple, and they will love them! Thanks for the idea!