We love simple science experiments.   A couple of weeks ago the kids got to see a documentary about canals and how liquid is transferred from one “level” to another…. and this led to today’s post about siphoning.   I know that most modern canals do not use siphoning as the method to move water, but our discussion about canals led us to see if there was a way to do that without pumps, like has been used to water rice patties, or to transport water along the aqueduct of Ancient Rome. siphoning experiment with water The scientific method is Purpose, Research, Hypothesis, Procedure, Results, Conclusion.   We tried to follow each of “the steps” in this experiment.

Purpose of our science experiment:

We wanted to find a way to move water from one container to another container without the use of pumps. Related: Defying Gravity  with Magnets {Cool Gravity Trick for Kids}

Research or “thinking” that we did in prep:

We tried to think of different ways we could transport fluid… eventually I led the kids towards gravity as a method of transportation (it only took dumping a couple of glasses of water to do the trick).   BUT, I wouldn’t let them use dumping as a method to move the water, we had to think of a different way to get the water from one container to the other.   Straws!!   We use straws to drink, we can use straws to move water!   We were getting somewhere in our discussion!

Hypothesis for our science experiment:

Water can flow from one container to another if there is no “break” in that water and if the second container is at a lower level than the original fluid source.

Procedure – steps in our project:

Submerge your straw under the liquid.   Close one end off with your thumb and leave the other end submerged.   Then let go of the covered edge once it is held at a lower level than the water source (over our second cup).

Results of our science experiment:

The “berry-blue” liquid flowed!   Marvelous!   We created our own example of the Aqueducts or of ancient canals!!! . I hope our experiment inspires you to help your kids discover their own experiments using the scientific method.   Other recent experiments we have done with water include: A science experiment with salt water   – How to lift an ice cube with a string – kids loved it!   And what items sink or float in seltzer water – the kids loved watching items dance! . What are some of your family’s favorite science experiments??

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  1. Thanks for the great science experiment post! Pinned it- we’re studying ancient history this year and I like the way you tied it into that. Thanks for posting on Kids Get Crafty. Alissa & Maggy

  2. Awww such a mean Mom not letting your kids just dump the water 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!

  3. Great post! My kids love Science Experiments. Favorites include anything with vinegar and baking soda.