I am an Invisalign Teen® brand spokesperson and all opinions expressed are my own. Full disclosure. When my kids were babies and toddlers, I was so good at writing down when milestones happened. First steps. First words. First foods. Now that they are older, that has gone by the wayside. Reid milestone birthday Why is that? These milestones are just as important!  Is it just that as a mom of older kids, I am tired? My 13 year old is hitting one of those often uncelebrated milestones this summer – getting Invisalign Teen® clear aligners to straighten his teeth.  But there are no “teenager baby books” to mark the occasion with stickers. When I asked him about his thoughts on getting Invisalign Teen treatment, he said he was excited about everything.  He is relieved that he won’t be wearing traditional braces to straighten his teeth.  He loves that the treatment will allow him to eat normally and play sports without fear of injury and continue other activities without interference. His thoughts mirror the results found in a recent study conducted by the Invisalign Teen brand.  The study surveyed over 5,000 teens and moms to understand and compare their feelings on teasing, peer pressure and the impact of acne, braces and body changes has on teen self-confidence. Unbrace Teen Confidence image My son expressed that wearing metal bracket braces would be something that he would worry about.  The study showed that 41% of teens felt that wearing traditional braces is embarrassing. Reid saw me wear Invisalign clear aligners throughout my treatment and said that he didn’t even notice when I was wearing them.  The study also found that teens wearing Invisalign Teen are 68% less likely to be teased than those wearing metal braces.  Another benefit to Invisalign Teen treatment is that it was found to be two times more likely for teens in treatment to experience a boost in self-esteem than teens wearing traditional braces. There is a lot more information about tackling these sensitive subjects with our tweens and teens in the Unbrace Teen Confidence guide. We will be following Reid’s Invisalign Teen journey over the next year here at Kids Activities Blog.  I am looking forward to seeing his new and improved smile and recording some of those teenage milestones.  If you think your tween or teen may need to straighten their teeth–anything from minor to complex cases–it’s definitely worth getting a consultation from an Invisalign trained doctor in your area. Your kids will thank you!    

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