Turn Around “The Worst Day Ever”: Awesome Tips for Kids!

“Mo-om… This is the WORST. DAY. EVER.” It happens to all of us. Here are our best tips on how to turn around the “worst day ever”!

How To Turn Around the "Worst Day Ever"

How To Turn Around the “Worst Day Ever”

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Some days, I giggle at the innocence that allows them to think that a foiled trip to the pool makes it their worst day, EVER. Other days, I struggle with how to turn negative thinking around.

For the record, this wasn’t actually their WORST day, ever. There may have been some momentary boredom, but then they went about the delightful business of being children. Young children shouldn’t have to see the world in a negative way, so I want to help them find ways to rationally consider the positives and the negatives of a situation.

Kids are visual, so I tried a fun way to accomplish this!

Turn Around "The Worst Day Ever": Awesome Tips for Kids!Weeds and Flowers

I read a story about a mother who asked her child to call negative thoughts “weeds.” She then would ask the child to come up with a “flower,” to counter it.  The “flowers” are the positives of the situation – either the situation itself, or the resulting positives. It’s a fun way to teach kids to always search for the silver lining. 

We decided to try turning their weeds into flowers. I was doubtful, and fully expected to add this to my list of failed attempts. (Maybe you can begin to see where they get that whole negative thinking thing?)

Turn Around "The Worst Day Ever": Awesome Tips for Kids!

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

My kids asked if they could go to the pool, but it was raining. This was the perfect opportunity to try out our new game! When they stated to get upset, I reminded them to search for flowers and weeds. We decided this was a weed, and I made sure to explain that I was disappointed, too.

When it came time to search for that flower, the kids thought for a minute and then answered, “If we don’t go to the pool, we won’t get struck by lightning.” Yep! Definite flower.

How To Turn Around the "Worst Day Ever"

Then they were on a roll, basically planting a flowery garden of positivity:

  • “We don’t have to take a shower afterwards!”
  • “Maybe we can see if the neighbor wants to play!”
  • “We can play a game with Mommy if we stay home!”
  • “We can make that new art project that we ordered!” 

Sometimes is just takes a little stroll outside of your own situation to find the positives in life.  It might be reminding your child to be happy, or using that little phrase that can change your child’s attitude. 

Turn Around "The Worst Day Ever": Awesome Tips for Kids!

Create a Gratitude Journal or Jar

This one is a huge hit in our house! Transform any old jar that you have around the house into a gratitude jar! Not only is it a fun craft, it’s a cool activity and family tradition that teaches positivity and gratitude.

Every morning, I spend about 15 minutes or so with a cup of coffee and my gratitude journal before my family wakes up. It’s one of my favorite moments, and allows me to reflect on life, and take note of how much I have to be grateful for.

It really sets the tone of my day! 

Turn Around "The Worst Day Ever": Awesome Tips for Kids!

Volunteer and Help Those in Need

Nothing is more satisfying, or more effective in teaching gratitude and positivity than helping someone. 

  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
  • Have your kids go through their toys and clothes for items they would like to donate.
  • Volunteer in a Nursing home and “adopt” some grandparents!
  • Gather new toys and art products for your local children’s hospital. 
  • Collect books your children have outgrown to donate to a shelter, school, or library. 

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Turn Around "The Worst Day Ever": Awesome Tips for Kids!

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How do you teach your kids to put a positive spin on bad days? Comment below!