Spending one on one time with our kids is as important, as it is fun. Giving your children a special day to spend with you, all by themselves, will make them feel special and helps develop a foundation for your relationship as they grow older. If you are in a rut with the same old things, we’ve got 7 sweet mom and daughter summer dates to do all summer long. These are also perfect for spending time with an aunt or grandmother. 7 Sweet Mom and Daughter Summer Dates

7 Sweet Mom and Daughter Summer Dates

The Drive In Movie. The old tradition of staying up late to watch a movie after the sun sets, is the perfect summer date. These usually play two movies, the first being suitable for a younger audience, so consider checking out the first and still making it home at a reasonable time by skipping the second. Pedicures. Summer is flip-flop season! Little girls love painted toes just as much as their moms do, so this is an easy way to spend time together. Letting them pick out their own colors and maybe even a little glitter is every little girls dream. Picnic. Eating lunch outside in the warm, quiet air is a fantastic way to spend time with family. But having the picnic is only half the fun! Let them help in the kitchen, picking out what snacks to bring, making sandwiches, and packing the bag. Plant Flowers. This activity actually breeds a whole summer of togetherness while caring for, and maintaining your plants. Spend the day researching the best flowers for your climate, shopping for seeds and supplies, and planting! Get dirty and have some fun.

Mom and Daughter Summer Dates

Watch The Stars. Grab a book about constellations from the library and spend some time at night looking for your favorites. You can also take a look at StarDate.org to find out when the next meteor shower is and plan to watch it together. Take some pillows and blankets outside or lay in the cool summer grass looking at stars. Take A Walk. This is incredibly simple, but a fantastic way to spend time with our kids. We often have some of the best discussions when the world is quiet and there is no distraction but the two of us. Being outside with nothing but the two of you is a great recipe for bonding. Make a Photo Book. Take photos of all your summer adventures and put them into a memory book as you go. You can even save ticket stubs or receipts to go along with the photos. By the end of summer you will have a keepsake to treasure the fun times you had. However you are spending time with your kids this summer, as long as you are engaged and present and having fun – you will both have a great time!

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  1. Great post! Some ideas I’ve never seen, thanks 😉
    It’s also important to choose activities that are of interest to your child and “speak their love language.” If your child’s love language is touch, looking for activities that involve closeness and opportunities to cuddle; if your child’s love language is gifts, figuring out how to fulfill on that within whatever boundaries you want to create to prevent overindulgence.