The Magic Kingdom “Texas-style ¦

Yesterday we trekked down to Bampa’s farm which is a magical place for kids. Adults may see a metal barn, a small camper, some equipment, a dirt pile and a whole lot of land. A kid seems to see it as endless entertainment. We rode tractors, trailers, 4 wheelers, riding toys and the bulldozer. We climbed trees and swung on vines. We dug in the sandy dirt and collected rocks. We chased cows and watched horses. We found grasshoppers that looked like yellow and orange butterflies when they hop/fly and caught daddy long leg spiders. We had a picnic. The kids think Bampa has the happiest place on earth. Who knew Alvarado was such a vacation spot?


  1. Is Bampa having summer camps this year? Will they take kids from Georgia?

  2. We had Reid’s birthday party there this year. When one of the little girls who attended was asked 6 months later where she wanted her birthday party she replied, “Bampa’s farm”. So, summer camp is not out of the question!

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