I’ve learned a lot over the years of being a mom. I’ve learned that kisses are magical, boogies aren’t that gross, and kids will be messy. Want to know what else I’ve learned? I’ve learned a lot about finances too! That is exactly why today we are partnering with SunTrust to share  The Best Financial Advice a Mom Can Give. The Best Financial Advice a Mom Can Give

The Best Financial Advice a Mom Can Give

Growing up I never went without. I came from a family that taught me to earn what I wanted but because I was such a good student that was sort of a given. I believe that is why I never really fully understood the meaning of being financially smart because I never had to be. However, like most things, that all changed the moment I became a mom. I guess that motherly instinct kicked in and for me, that included being smart with my money. The day my first son was born I became a stay-at-home mom. I quit my full-time job and started with creating a budget. I would also scour the web to find ways to save money whether it was through coupons or rebates. I got really good at it too! It made me realize that I wanted the best for my kids and that meant giving them the keys to life that they never thought could be possible. It starts with learning to manage money because after all, it is what we need to survive and thrive in life. So through all the experience I have had over the years I can say there is one piece of advice a mom can give and that is to: save and plan for the future. The past isn’t something we have control over to change but we can control our future. Saving and planning for the future (no matter your age) gets you one step closer to your goals and dreams. Isn’t that exactly what we want for our kids? Had I known to do that as a teen I would have had savings for my first car or savings to pay for college. Instead, I wasted it away on cute clothes and new cell phone covers. Items that just seem silly now.  The Best Financial Advice a Mom Can Give Facebook2 Moms have the power to do amazing things. We give life, give love but we also can teach ways for our kids to be independent and stable as they get older. My now 6-year-old son is already very conscious with his money. He earns money but also any money he receives for birthday’s and holiday’s he saves for college. In the beginning he didn’t understand why he couldn’t spend every penny of his money but now he actually likes to save and loves to head to the bank to deposit his money with me. My youngest son (who is almost 2) has a college savings account too and as he gets older we plan to teach him the same way. I feel like I’ve accomplished such a great thing as a  parent and helped them build a better future. So moms everywhere remember, you have the power to give your kids the best future possible. Start saving for college but teach your kids along the way. In my opinion, knowledge is the best present you can give someone and it’s free! Want to learn more great advice, tools and tips about managing your money? You can  sign up for onUpdates to get more of moms best financial advice tenfold. At SunTrust Bank their purpose is lighting the way to financial well-being. When you feel  confident  about your money, you can save for your goals and spend knowingly on what matters most to you. The  onUp  movement was created to guide millions of people one step at a time towards a more financially confident life without ever losing sight of the moments that matter along the way. Join the growing number of people transforming their stress into positive motivation to move  onUp. Join the movement This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SunTrust. The opinions and text are all mine.

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