Every so often, I come across a few stories like these… one of these stories changed how I raise our children.  We share parenting stories from around the web with you, because we want you to have the utmost encouragement in motherhood — we’re all in this together.   I think that you will love these stories.  My favorite is #2 because I have been there, and #7 because we just finished living out that post. 1. WOMEN LIVE LONGER WHEN SURROUNDED BY NATURE Sneak Peek: According to a new study published in Environmental Health Perspectives, American women who live in homes surrounded by more vegetation have significantly lower mortality rates than women who live in areas with less greenery. Read more on Country Living here.   2. HOW TO HANDLE MOTHER’S DAY AFTER LOSS Sneak Peek: Believe me, I love Mother’s Day but it sure is hard to handle Mother’s Day after loss. After a miscarriage, this holiday is a hard one. This year, Brian didn’t let me do much. He even watched my computer time and told me to take a break — a real break (that’s why this post is late! #thanksbabe) He took care of the girls, he surprised Madilyn and I with mother-daughter mani/pedi spa time, he took Juliana grocery shopping, he bought my favorite kind of wine and he cooked dinner AND he cleaned up the kitchen – like, really cleaned up the kitchen. I think he even used cleaner on the counters. Wow. Seriously, it was a really nice day. Read more on BMoore Healthy here.   3. THREE THINGS TO DO FOR YOUR SPOUSE TODAY (in front of the kids) Sneak Peek: Today, I want you to try doing three things for your spouse, without telling them what you are doing: Give out three compliments (or say Thank You for 3 things): Here are a few examples: 1). You look so nice today. 2). Did you clean out the car? It looks great! 3). Thanks for helping me to cleaning the kitchen while I read a book to the kids tonight. I love coming downstairs to a clean kitchen. Read more on Your Modern Family here.   4. WHILE I LAY BESIDE MY SLEEPING BABY Sneak Peek: While you were sleeping, I let out a sigh of relief that finally, my sweet wild child, finally you were resting. While you were sleeping, I had dishes piled and laundry overflowing, but instead I just lay beside you, peaceful and unmoving. Read more on Scary Mommy here.   5. THE HYSTERICAL DIFFERENCES BETWEEN YOUR FIRST AND SECOND CHILD Sneak Peek: With children comes experience, so it’s no surprise that many parents do things slightly different the second time around. And despite best intentions to keep everything equal between your firstborn and newest addition to the family, there are some changes that are bound to creep in that can be classified as second child syndrome. Read more on Pop Sugar here.   6. WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE THE ODD MOM OUT Sneak Peek: I don’t know what it is about me, but other moms just don’t like me, or at least they don’t want to talk to me at the bus stop. It might be the area I’m in. Maybe it’s because I look really young (to be fair, I am a young mom). Maybe it’s because I have resting bitch face. Read more on Totally the Bomb here.  


Sneak Peek: So your child is hitting?  Yelling?  Disagreeable?  Are these traits out of character for the sweet little kiddo you ™ve been raising for a few years now?  Have you tried time-outs  and taking away toys and limiting play dates?  All to no avail. Odds are in your favor that you don’t truly have an angry or aggressive child.  But the odds are also very good that one of these 6 things is going on with your child to make him feel angry or act out. Read more on Kids Activities Blog.   8. WHY DEFIANT KIDS ARE ACTUALLY THE BEST THING EVER Sneak Peek: You probably saw me at Target the other day. I was the mom with a kid kicking and screaming on the ground. He wanted a Kit Kat at 10:32 am, and I wouldn’t allow him. I knew this was going to happen. I knew he was going to drop to the floor and throw a fit. Because when you are parenting a defiant child this is part of life. Read more on Kids Activities Blog here.   9. I HAVE A CRAPPY DAD BUT I’M OKAY Sneak Peek: I used to be someone who hated the idea of getting married. I have been through too many divorces (my own and those of my parents) to feel like marriage was something I ever wanted to be a part of again. My experience with marriages and other serious relationships had me feeling like I needed to be able to cut ties and get out of a bad situation at a moments notice. I’m not the sort of girl who has trouble cutting losses and letting go. Read more on Totally the Bomb here.   10. THE FIVE MINUTE AGREEMENT I’LL ALWAYS HAVE WITH MY SON Sneak Peek: While sitting on the floor of my son’s room running out the clock on our five-minute agreement, I am more often plotting my next move than soaking up those last moments of the day with my child. I envision myself 10 minutes from now, curled up on the couch with a remote in one hand and a glass of cab in the other, zoning out to something mindless while no one demands my attention. Read more on Scary Mommy here.   If you want more popular parenting posts, check out a few of our latest ones: 5 Ways to Date Your Son for Cheap or Free Why you get angry as a mom   You can find even more posts like this on our Facebook page.

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