Several years ago, I wrote a post about ways to date your daughter for cheap or free. It’s been one of my most popular posts, and I kept meaning to write a follow up of ways to date your son for cheap or free. I got to spend some time with my sons individually recently, and it sparked a few new ideas. motherson dates on a budget

Mother/Son Dates on a Budget

1.) Take him to a local sporting event These events, of course, can range from super cheap to super expensive. But if you pick a minor league team, a junior college team or even a high school team, you can have an amazing evening of fun for less than $30. (Eat dinner first at home and then you’ll just need a snack at the game.) If that much cash isn’t in your budget right now, watch a game on TV together and pop popcorn and make nachos. 2.) Spend time cooking together I do this all the time with my daughters but for some reason I don’t think about it too often with my sons. My older son (he’s almost 11) LOVES cooking together  so I’ve been trying to incorporate it more into our weekly plans. He’s learned to make a mean pan of scrambled eggs! 3.) Go to Academy/Bass Pro/his favorite store together My son loves to go just look at these stores. Sometimes I’ll just give him a $5 budget and he’ll spend a solid hour looking for the perfect thing for $5! I did this recently on our vacation at a combo gas station/bait store and we had so much fun! He told me a ton of stuff I didn’t know about fishing and we just had the best time. how to date your son 4.) Visit a local park We love going to parks as a family, but I  have plans in the near future to take my older son on a bike ride, just the two of us. You can also check out lakes, arboretums, the zoo, or other local attractions. Pack a picnic lunch and you have an easy, budget-friendly way to spend time together! Bonus: take him swimming alone and you’ll be a rock star in his eyes! 5.) Go to a used book store Going into book stores is one of my favorite activities and thankfully my children love it, too! Sometimes we’ll just browse and other times I’ll let them each pick out a book. When I take one of my sons alone, I’m able to follow them along and see what books they’re interested in- I love this! (Bonus: some bookstores have summer reading programs where you can earn free books. Sign up while you’re there!) mom with landon and canaan With my sweet sons :) Investing in our sons’ lives is always a worthy  thing. Be sure to check out ways to date your daughter for cheap or free! 5-ways-to-date-your-daughter  

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