Here at the Nirvana we are into week 3 of summer. Rhett in Spray Yes, you read that correctly…week three. Of course, I only have one child actually in school and he only goes part-time (with part time home school) so you would think…what’s the big deal? He is only home 2 1/2 additional days a week. Well…I might have mentioned we are into week 3 of summer and I can testify that it is a big deal. The schedule is different. The sibling dynamics are different. The demand for mommy entertainment is different. For some crazy reason summer has been marketed to children as the time of pure bliss… bubbles blowing in the wind. children splashing in sprinklers. cannon balls into pools. running across the field of daisies into each others arms…well, maybe not that one. Thanks summer.   Thanks for the unachievable expectations.   You must be related to Disneyland and Christmas. I used to think that parents were just overachievers by signing up their kids for summer activities, summer camps, summer sports leagues and summer enrichment classes, but now I recognize this tactic as one of survival. Why do I feel like I am barely surviving summer? Well, it seems that two children can play nicely together.   Quietly.   Helping.   Smiling.   Laughing.   Playing in harmony. It appears from my extensive research that three children can NOT play nicely together.   Noisy.   Destroying.   Screaming.   Mocking.   Playing in chaos. Hmmmm…that might have been super neat knowledge to have before we went for child number three. So, where two children would team up and find something industrious to do, three children stare at each other blankly and complain about how bored they are. Idle hands are the devil’s playground. And in my experience the DEVIL’S PLAYBOOK only lists multiple variations on one play: HIT YOUR BROTHER. OUCH! *loud scream* MOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMY! Ahhhhh.   The joys of motherhood. I have taken up a counter-attack of energy expending activities.   Outside.   Inside.   To the park.   To the pool…well, since most schools around here aren’t out most the pools are still closed during the day, or so I thought. Exasperated yesterday around 3 pm, I got online to find out what date our closest and most favorite pool would open.   To my delight I read that it had opened over the holiday weekend… We arrived at the pool before 4 pm. Because I am a mom of action. Because I am going to survive. Take that summer!

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  1. When I was pregnant with #3, three of my aunts (all moms of 3) cornered me in my Grandma’s kitchen, saying “You ARE going to have a fourth one, aren’t you??” And proceeded to tell me their two-against-one stories… To which I replied that we were committed to having baby #4. Which we did. Glad we did!

  2. Knowing first-hand, as the middle child, the impossibility of three children playing nicely together, I am freakishly obsessed with having an even number of children. Being presently pregnant with number three, four is the minimum number of offspring I must birth.

  3. I am so with you here…I had a hard enough time filling 1 week long school vacations this year. I’m really stressing!

  4. Thanks for writing, I very much enjoyed your most recent post. I think you should post more often, you obviously have talent for blogging!

  5. We wrote the SAME post!

    Here’s the thing about home schooling. Summer is as much for the “teacher” as it is for the kids – but it’s really less of a break than it is a shift in issues……

    Now I’m counting down to sending my kids to “real school” in August so I can have the break I naively thought summer would be.

    How sad is that??

  6. Our swim and racquet club saved my sanity. We’d go about 8:30, come home for lunch and rest time, go back, order pizza for dinner to eat there and return home just in time to fall into bed. Perfect.