Looking for some 30 minute meals? We got you! Wouldn’t it be great if just keeping our kids alive was doable without the need to cook for and feed them? Somedays I’m so worn out that it’s all I can do to make a peanut butter sandwich! But these 30 minute dinners allow you to make a tasty and healthy dinner in 30 minutes or less. And the best part is, your family will love all of these 30 minute dinners.

21 Recipes for 30 Minute Meals- salads, chili, ramens, grilled cheese, stir-fry, quiche, rice and sausage- kids activities blog
Easy recipes on a busy day!

Save the busy day recipes for dinner

But I do find that when I have a plan for dinner, my days go smoother and dinnertime is a much more manageable task. If using the slow cooker is your style, check out this roundup of  Slow Cooker Recipes Kids Will Love. But, if you’re like me and don’t always have your act together in time to let a recipe cook throughout the day, check out these 21 recipes that will have dinner on your table in 30 minutes or less!

1. One Pan Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas Recipe

This meal from Heather Likes Food has all the flavor of hand-rolled enchiladas without all the tedious work!

2. Homemade Spaghettios Recipe

I’ve never met a kid that doesn’t like the classic spaghetti o’s but I do know a few adults! With this version from Bet on Dinner, you can make everyone happy.

3. Cheese Toast Muffins

A little bit pizza, a little bit grilled cheese, these cheese toast muffins from Fa’s Kitchen are a fun spin on classic flavors!

4. Easy Stuffed Bell Peppers

When you are on a true-time crunch and need something quick yet delicious, these stuffed bell peppers from Simplistically Living are the answer to your needs!

21 Recipes for 30 Minute Meals- rice and sausage, western rice bowl, and chicken and cheese meal- kids activities blog
Yummy dinner recipes!

5. Barbeque Chicken Ramen Bowls

I love this recipe from The Seasoned Mom! Combining flavors like BBQ Chicken with ramen is just enough to shake things up at your dinner table!

6. Chicken and Broccoli Mac and Cheese

Chicken, cheese, and broccoli are meant for each other in this recipe from Gimme Some Oven.  

7. Easy Burrito Bowls

I love making burrito bowls for my kiddos because it never fails that if I make them a real burrito wrapped up in a tortilla, it ends up everywhere! Try this recipe from Real Food Real Deals.

8. Changs Beef Szcheuan

If you’re in the mood for takeout, this recipe from Noshtastic will curb your craving. It’s gluten-free too!

9. One Pan Cheeseburger Macaroni

Comfort food at its finest! Heather Likes Food turns the classic meal from a box into a recipe using real ingredients and only one pan.

21 Recipes for 30 Minute Meals- pasta dish, taco, and marinara and pasta- kids activities blog
Have a hearty meal!

10. Pizza Bagels for Kids

Pizza bagels from the Kids Activities Blog are a great way to get dinner on the table QUICK! You can also have a little bit of fun with it and let the kids make their own with little impact on your time.  

11. Steak Tacos with Corn Salsa

Steak isn’t something I usually think of as an easy weeknight meal, but it really is a great option as it cooks fast and is super filling like used in these tacos from Whats Gaby Cooking.

12. Sloppy Joe Casserole

Everybody loves a sloppy joe, right? This method might actually make them a bit less “sloppy”, too! Check out this recipe from The Typical Mom.

13. Bacon-Wrapped Brown Sugar Chicken

There’s something about the bacon and chicken combo, am I right? Especially when it’s sprinkled with brown sugar! Try this recipe from Three Different Directions.

21 Recipes for 30 Minute Meals- bagel pizza, tortellini soup, baked hamburger- kids activities blog
Your family will love these dinner recipes!

14. Easy One-Pot Sausage and Rice  

My kids gobble up rice and I’m sure they would love it even more if it was studded with sausage! Even better, it’s made in one pot! This recipe is from Kids Activities Blog.

15. Creamy Tortellini Soup

This creamy soup from Diethood uses REAL  ingredients and taste almost no time to get on the table.

16. Easy Baked Ham and Eggs

Breakfast for dinner is something that happens at least once a week in my house and this easy recipe from the Kids Activities Blog will be a great way to mix it up!

17. 5 Ingredient Easy Chili

Everybody needs a good chile recipe under their belt and this one from Give Me Some Oven only takes 5 ingredients. Win!

18. Baked Bell Pepper Tacos

Ditch the taco shells and stuff all that goodness into bell peppers! Not only does it give the taco fillings great flavor, but it is also healthy too! This recipe is from Peas and Crayons.

21 Recipes for 30 Minute Meals- baked peppers, bacon wrapped chicken, grilled cheese- kids activities blog
Tasty easy dinner!

19. Crispy Garlic Bread Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

This sandwich recipe from Heather Likes Food takes two already yummy foods and makes them even better. It’s the perfect mash-up!

20. Pepperoni Pizza Bread

I can get behind just about any form of pizza, and this bread recipe from the Kid’s Activities Blog is no exception!

21. Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas

These quesadillas recipe from Jamie Cooks It Up is creamy, spicy, and the perfect way to mix up dinner time!

22. 20-Minute Tuscan Chicken with Penne Pasta

If I can get a big pot of chicken and pasta on the table in only 20 minutes, I’m all over it! This recipe is from Gal On A Mission.

21 Recipes for 30 Minute Meals- taco salad in peppers, baked hamburger, pizza ring, and pasta with meat- kids activities blog
Try other recipes too!

Which quick recipe is your favorite? Share in the comments!

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