Make 2016 The Year of Family Fitness

Each new year brings resolutions of losing weight, getting organized and eating better.  Each year as an individual, I have various levels of success in each category!

But this year, 2016 is a little different.

I don’t want this year just to be about me.  I want my entire family to be healthier at the end!

Keep reading to learn how you could win a car or other fun prizes like GoPro, Apple Watch,  Elliptical   from our sponsor, Blue Goji!

family fitness getting everyone involved

Family Fitness in 2016

Modern life has come with a price for my family.  We are more sedentary and likely to catch a quick meal.  But modern life also has some perks that can be harnessed to be in line with our 2016 goal!

One of those things is Goji Play 2.0.  It is a video gaming system that runs on cardiac exercise!  When it is cold and raining outside, my family can hop on the stationary bike or elliptical trainer and play a video game.  When my kids are in the mood for competing against each other,  they are getting exercise while gaming.

It has been a lot of fun.

Kids Activities Blog is super excited about a partnership with Blue Gojiplease check out our videos and articles over on their site!  If you click over to this is what you will see ¦

Kids Activities Blog at Goji Play

My goal is to consciously have daily activity for everyone in the family.  That could be walking the dog in the evening or a trip to the park.  Goji Play makes that so much easier when the weather is bad or when the boys want to do something on their own vs. with their parents (shocking, I know!).

Playing to Win with Blue Goji

The Goji Madness Tournament has just begun and gives YOU the ability to win prizes while fulfilling your fitness goals.  This tournament is modeled after the NCAA’s annual basketball tournament format using the GojiVerse GoCoins rewards and four communities competing against each other — Active Central (all adults), BMI Camp (BMI  28 or higher), Seniors Rock (60 or older), and Veteran Honor (for our veterans).

The GoCoins are sweat currency!  They can be used to unlock new game levels or purchase new items.  Unlike conventional freemium mobile games, Blue Goji games don’t ask users to make in-app purchases.

The qualification round  runs from  Febuary 1 to  April 30, 2016 and your best 30 days will count towards your qualification. The  16 contestants from each community earning  the most GoCoins will qualify for the elimination rounds, during which contestants  will compete head-to-head, with the champions of each community meeting at the final four in NYC!

Find out more HERE so you can join me in all the fun.

You can get started right now by downloading one of Blue Goji’s free apps or by using your Goji Play 2.0.

I love when exercise is fun!