Ironically, Olaf the Snowman from movie Frozen has become one of the most popular Disney movie characters throughout this summer. Personally, I have never done a snowman craft in the middle of august. Until this year.

People do Olaf crafts, Olaf snacks and deserts, Olaf party favors and so much more.

Inspired by all of this, may I call Olaf-mania, we came up with out version of Olaf the Snowman and his summer adventures.

Here is a video to show our Olaf obsession and Sofia’s tutorial. (Keep reading below to find few extra tips to make your Olaf Marshmallow Summer more adventurous.)

olaf snack

To make Olaf the Snowman out of marshmallows you will need:

  • marshmallows (organic, non gelatin)
  • raisins (small black ones and big brown ones)
  • cracker sticks (plain and chocolate)
  • wooden sticks

olaf the snowman ingredients

Olaf’s summer adventures

Building Olaf from marshmallows was a fun part for the kids. However, the better part was yet to come. When the sun went down we we sat up a fire in the backyard and got all of out Olaf marshmallows that we build earlier today. Kids (and I) had a blast roasting the marshmallows. In fact, it was pretty funny watching IMAGINARY Olafs melt in the fire. The shapes they was turning into were hilarious, which brought up a lot of stories and silly jokes.olaf dessert

We even made Olaf S’mores. Not the traditional ones, but they were still yummy! We actually used chocolate cracker sticks instead of graham crackers and chocolate. I say it was even better combination.

Few extra tips for how to roast ultimate Olaf the snowman marshmallow on fire:

  1. Before roasting make sure the areas in your fire are burned down to embers. It can still be orange, but NOT bursting with big flame.
  2. Sit down away from where the smoke is going. Otherwise you will be covered in smoke. And that smells bad .
  3. Place Olaf marshmallow 3 to 5 inches above the fire.
  4. Slowly turn the stick that Olaf marshmallow is on to make sure all sides of marshmallow is roasted.
  5. It takes about 15-30 seconds to roast the Olaf the Snowman Marshmallow.

olaf dessert

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Try make your own Olaf toy.

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