I am a little obsessed with products I see on TV. It all started years ago with a pair of Pajama Jeans. Today it is Sleep Styler rollers… And I’m here to review it for you. I saw it first on Shark Tank and was on the Sleep Styler website as soon as it was announced that they had been funded by the tank. I really like Shark Tank too. sleep styler curler review Basically, Sleep Styler is life-changing according to TV. It will dry and style your hair while you sleep. Not only will it dry and style your hair while you sleep, it is the ONLY comfortable heat-free, hands-free hairstyling system. Hey, I am in! I mean, there are pictures of really, really happy women with long hair sleeping in complete peace and waking to luscious curls. I want to be really, really happy. I have long hair. I want to sleep in complete peace. I want to wake to luscious curls. Oh! And it saves an HOUR of styling time. It allows you to achieve beautiful styles, effortlessly. It’s marshmallow soft memory-foam core is as comfortable to sleep on as a pillow. I want to save an hour of styling time! Wait, I have never in the history of my hair ever spent an hour on it. I want to achieve beautiful styles, effortlessly! Wait, who is going to put these curlers in my hair while I remain effortless? I want to sleep on something as comfortable as a pillow! Wait, I have an issue with pillows…which explains my informercial purchase of My Pillow (but I will save that for another story).

I Tried the Famous Shark Tank Sleep Styler Curlers 

So, last night was the night I was going to try it. I washed my hair. I brushed it straight. I then added 8 Sleep Styler rollers. I am not the most coordinated person in the world and it shows… My first issue was that I didn’t realize there were instructions until the next morning. Oops. My second issue is that it is a little difficult to hold the roller in place while winding the strap around and finding the velcro. I found out that I had likely rolled 1/2 of the rollers the wrong direction which may be why those were looser in the morning. And then I slept. Kinda. I was surprised that they were more comfortable than I expected and I fell asleep without too much trouble. But then I woke up really early. Like 3 am early. And couldn’t find a comfortable position to go back to sleep. In the morning I made the video.

Sleep Styler Review Questions and Answers

Laurie: Was there a reason why you did them dangling & not up to head? When I put them in the night before, they were tight to my head. Overnight they loosened. It may have been partially user-error since I didn’t roll them all correctly. Alicia: Are they uncomfortable to sleep in? Yes and no. They were actually more comfortable than I expected, but I do think I sleep better without them. It might be something you would get used to. Nina: Should you roll the top section closer to the scalp? Probably! I need to try this again. Angel: Is your hair naturally curly? Yes. Crazy-curly. When I wear my hair straight, it takes major effort and fancy hair product.

Sleep Styler Results

And so this is what it looked like when I took out the Sleep Styler rollers: sleep styler curler results There are still some frizzy ends at the roots. I will add some hair product to try and get those fly-aways under control. But overall, I am not hating the results. Hair after sleep styler curlers all night It is just a little curlier and a little BIGGER than I would normally choose. But I just have big hair. It is a Texas thing :). You can buy the set I used here with my affiliate link by clicking here!

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